we work with:


1. City of Bijeljina

Our Association has a very good cooperation with the Local Community and its institutions. First of all, we have excellent cooperation with Mayor Mić Mićić, who gave support in our work, the work of the Working Group for Child Safety in Bijeljina and Živinice, the work of our Day Center. The Mayor knows everything about our work through various projects and we are sure that we are recognized as an important institution for Roma, for their children, young Roma, and non-Roma and for all persons who need any help we can give.

2. Municipality of Živinice

The cooperation is reflected in the implementation of the activities of the Working Group for the Protection of Children in Bijeljina and Živinice, the Mobile Intervention Team and the actions and activities carried out by the team. In addition, the REF project, which was implemented in the previous year, with activities related to the education of children, included Roma children from Živinice.

3. Public Fund for Child Protection of the Republic of Srpska

The Child Protection Fund shares its services and assistance in relation to child protection issues through its representative Sladjana Trifunovic.

4. Center for Social Work Bijeljina

The Center for Social Work, as our partner, helps in cases of begging of children and parents, difficult cases of bad social situation in the family. We are in the same coalition in the Working Group for Child Safety and in the Mobile Intervention Team, or in MIT visits where we have a lot of partners, such as schools, CSR, City Administration.

5. Center for Public Safety

The Protocol on the Treatment of Children Begged in Begging, a document signed between the Association, the City Administration, the Center for Public Safety and the Center for Social Work, obliges all partners to respond to begging as not one of the forms of human trafficking, and in that sense we cooperate with the Center security who are also members of the Working Group.

6. Primary schools in Bijeljina and Janja

Any project related to education cannot be realized without schools and their support. Schools are the most common partner in our projects, because we have to make sure that our users are in the school at the time it takes place, in the class they belong to and in the year they need to finish! Jovan Dučić Elementary School has the largest number of Roma children in Bijeljina, so it is natural that our partnership is at the highest level, in terms of exchanging information about children, which is updated in the database of children in the school system, participate in joint events. schools are our partners in the same way, Primary Schools Sveti Sava, Knez Ivo od Semberije and Vuk Karadzic. In addition to schools in Bijeljina, there are schools in Zivinice with many Roma students.

7. Agricultural and Medical School Bijeljina

The activities of the project "Peer Education", entitled "Let's Sail Together", in addition to the Elementary School Jovan Ducic, are also carried out in the Agricultural and Medical School.

8. Sveti Vračevi Hospital

Providing free counseling interviews through various projects, free examinations of doctors and dentists through projects that we have previously implemented, we believe that cooperation in this regard or in some other, will continue soon.

9. Bijeljina Red Cross

The institution whose motto is humanitarian work, in every sense represents a partner of importance in the work of our Association. They provided us with food for the Day Center through the Public Kitchen, together with us they participate in a large number of initiatives, and through our projects, they participate in our actions and activities.

10. Employment Bureau of Republika Srpska

Through the Roma employment program, he provided work for Amira Alimanović, who is now an assistant at the Day Center.

Cooperation with local communities:


Everyone is familiar with the work of our association. We have a Day Center near Roma communities (Tombak, Wild West, Pack) and we have daily commitments to our target group. They know what they can get through our services in the Day Center and administrative offices in the city center. These communities are not the only ones that are in cooperation with our Association (in terms of services we can provide). We have excellent cooperation with the presidents of MZ Vuk Karadžić and Bogdanović plac, in which we have a lot of our users.

Donors and partners:

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