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The Citizens’ Association for the Promotion of Roma Education “Otaharin” was established at the beginning of 2005 by the parents of Roma students and other citizens interested in the issue of Roma education in Bosnia and Herzegovina. UG “Otaharin” is registered at the level of Bosnia and Herzegovina at the Ministry of Justice of Bosnia and Herzegovina under the registration number: RU-249/05 book register “I” on February 17, 2005.

Values of the Otharin association

  • Commitment to work with excluded and marginalized groups (recognizable approach to work with users, adequate action)
  • Professionalism (work in accordance with quality standards)
  • Innovation (innovative approaches and solutions)
  • Readiness for continuous learning and change
  • Recognition and credibility.


Long-term goals of the “Otaharin” Association


Otaharin Mission, defined by the strategic plan


Vision of the Association defined by the Strategic Plan


The quality policy of the Association established in 2016
Schüler Helfen Leben
Asocijacija XY
JZU Institut za javno zdravstvo
UN Women
Caritas Swiss
Češka razvojna agencija
Austrian Development Cooperation
Carer International Balkans


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Public call for educator

Public call for educator

Within the project "Active Youth - Active Community", implemented by the Association of Citizens for the Promotion of Roma Education "Otaharin" within the Regional Program of Local Democracy in the Western Balkans - ReLOaD, funded by the European Union (EU) and...

Press Release

Press Release

To society, Citizens Association Otaharin Bijeljina informs you that it is in accordance with the newly created situation caused by the appearance of Corona (COVID-19) virus in Republika Srpska, and in accordance with the decision of the Government of Republika Srpska...

Winners of the UEFA Grassroots Award for 2019

Winners of the UEFA Grassroots Award for 2019

The project "Sport for society of inclusion and education" implemented by Otahrain in cooperation with CARE Deutschland and FC "Radnik" Bijeljina won a bronze award in the competition "UEFA Grassroots Award". Since 2013, UEFA has been holding the UEFA Grassroots Award...

EU Award for Roma Integration in the Western Balkans and Turkey, 2021

EU Award for Roma Integration in the Western Balkans and Turkey, 2021

The EU Roma Integration Award 2021 will promote private or public initiatives sensitive to the problem of lack of employment in the Roma communities, offer recognition, publicity and support to the positive models yielding concrete, tangible results. The award is open...