The main goals of the operation and work of the Citizens’ Association for the Promotion of Roma Education “Otaharin”:

Inclusion of Roma children in the education system in Bosnia and Herzegovina;
Raising awareness of the importance of education within the Roma population;
Protection and promotion of the rights of national minorities, especially the Roma population;
Protection and promotion of human rights;
Organizing all types of educational work, information activities and providing support to participants and users;
Care for the environment;
Encouraging and developing creative skills;
Work to improve human health;
Contribution to the promotion and development of the non-governmental sector and the creation of a network across the country as well as internationally;
Development and promotion of cultural and sports activities;
Humanitarian activities (materials and counseling);
Supporting the development of the whole society;
Supporting Roma during education;
Organizing and activities for Roma children are included in the school system;
Organizing educational, cultural and sports extracurricular activities for Roma children;
Organizing and conducting seminars, lectures, consultations, workshops and other forms of education for children, young people and adults;
Promotional activities and campaigns (making posters, brochures, magazines, etc.)
Strengthening ties and cooperation with schools and other educational institutions
Sending proposals, requests, complaints to institutions and bodies in charge of how to resolve certain issues in order to provide individual support to users;
Providing material and advisory support to other associations, institutions and individuals.

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