03 December 2020, Virtual Conference via Zoom


This virtual conference discussed the importance of the new “EU Strategic Framework for Roma Equality, Inclusion and Participation”, and in particular the importance of the fight against antigypsyism for Roma inclusion policies in Bosnia and Herzegovina and how the requirements of the EU Framework could be put into context of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The new EU Framework for Roma Inclusion is equally important for EU member states and accession countries, such as Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In this context, Otaharin and the Central Council of German Sinti and Roma organized a virtual conference attended by 35 participants representing the German Embassy in BiH, the European Parliament, the European Commission, BiH institutions, international and local NGOs who reaffirmed their common desire in  identify antigypsyism as a key cause of discrimination against Roma men and women and finding joint solution for combating it.

We would like to  thank N.E. Ambassador Uebber, Ambassador of Germany to Bosnia and Herzegovina; Mr. Romeo Franz, Member of the European Parliament; Ms. Marta Garcia Fidalgo, DG NEAR, European Commission; Ms. Saliha Đuderija, Assistant Minister for Human Rights and Refugees, Bosnia and Herzegovina; Ms. Indiri Bajramović, Association of Roma Women “Bolja budućnost” Tuzla; Ms. Ajša Andrović – Bešlagić from the Delegation of the European Union to BiH in Bosnia and Herzegovina; Ms. Sheila Fidani, Regional Cooperation Council; Mr. Stephan Müller of the Central Council of Roma and Sinti of Germany; Mr. Dragan Joković, “Otaharin” who through introductory words and panel discussions gave their opinion and suggestions on how BiH, with participation of all relevant stakeholders, should take action in the future to combat antigypsyism.

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