Within the project “Active Youth – Active Community”, implemented by the Association of Citizens for the Promotion of Roma Education “Otaharin” within the Regional Program of Local Democracy in the Western Balkans – ReLOaD, funded by the European Union (EU) and implemented by the United Nations Development Program ), The Association publishes an invitation for an educator, for education on the topic:

COVID-19 virus – what are the symptoms and recommended protection measures; what impact did the emergency situation have on regular functioning, primarily on children and young people

The educator must meet the following conditions:

  1. Good knowledge of the proposed topic;
  2. Experience in public speaking and lecturing;
  3. Experience in working with a large / larger group of young people;
  4. Experience in working with representatives of marginalized groups is also recommended.

Tasks and job description:

  1. Preparing a presentation for a lecture;
  2. Holding 3-6 lectures in regional schools in Bijeljina (it is planned that the lectures will be held outdoors, in the school yard)
  3. Regular communication with the project coordinator;
  4. Keeping records of those present;
  5. Submission of the report to the project coordinator, after the completed activity.

The plan is to start the realization of the workshops from 15.6. and to hold 1-2 workshops per week.

The deadline to hold all workshops and send a report to the project coordinator will be 24.7.2020.

Those interested can send their CVs and motivation letter to the e-mail info.otaharin@teol.net, and for all information about the call and education you can find out at +387 55 250 543 or +387 55 424 342 (Day center, headquarters project coordinator).

Also, interested candidates are expected to send a proposal and plan for the implementation of workshops, as well as the expected gross amount per workshop.

Deadline for applications is June 12, 2020. to 16:00.

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