Conference, project and goals

Within the project “Acceptance of gender equality for a better perspective of Roma girls and women” and the celebration of 15 years of activity in the field of promotion and improvement of access to human rights and promotion of gender equality Otaharin is organized a conference in the community “Together for a better position of Roma women and girls”.

The aim of this Conference was to exchange experiences between community representatives and relevant institutions and to improve multisectoral cooperation and communication. During the Conference, all important segments of promoting gender equality were presented, and at the Conference introductory speeches were given by Mr. Drgana Jokovic, who presented the work of the civil sector and the experiences of Otaharin, Ms. Mirjana Lukac, Director of the Gender Center of Republika Srpska, who reported on the work. Ms. Jovanka Vukovic, Deputy Ombudsman for Children of RS, with her presentation on the issue of child marriages, and Mr. Samer El Chekh, Head of the Department for Social Activities of the City of Bijeljina with an introductory speech on the activities of the City Administration to improve the protection of victims based on gender. violence and gender equality standards. Dr. Danijela Đukin, President of the Commission for Gender Equality of the Assembly of the City of Bijeljina, also addressed the audience.

The conference was attended by 35 representatives of the Roma community, young activists, educational institutions, police, judiciary, city administration, health institutions and representatives of UG Otaharin.

The message of this Conference is that issues of gender equality and protection from gender-based violence are not only a problem of women and women who have suffered violence but of all citizens, competent institutions and civil society, because only by accepting standards of gender equality and zero tolerance for violence against women can we build better a future for all. Every day should be dedicated to the protection of women’s human rights, and not just campaign days and important dates.

This activity is organized within the project “Accepting gender equality for a better perspective of Roma girls and women”, which is supported by the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI), and which aims to raise awareness among young people, members of the Roma community and institutions are aware of the need to accept gender equality standards as a precondition for improving the position of Roma girls and women.

15 years of work of the Association

For 15 years, the Otaharin Citizens’ Association has been committed to preventing gender-based violence and promoting gender equality in all segments of social life and raising awareness that gender-based violence and inequality are not a private matter but part of social responsibility to improve the perspectives of all members of our society.

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