The project “Sport for society of inclusion and education” implemented by Otahrain in cooperation with CARE Deutschland and FC “Radnik” Bijeljina won a bronze award in the competition “UEFA Grassroots Award”.

Since 2013, UEFA has been holding the UEFA Grassroots Award competition on an annual basis. This competition is focused on projects and activities that football clubs carry out in local communities, which aim not only at the development of sports but also at the use of football as a solid foundation for inclusion, education and progress. UEFA awards the winners with gold, silver and bronze prizes in five key areas – best leader, best project, best beginner club, best initiative for people with disabilities and best professional club.

In 2019, all UEFA members were invited to submit proposals and 143 applications were received. The award winners have been named to mark UEFA’s Grassroots Week, during which activities take place across Europe, with the aim of encouraging and inspiring participation in all forms of football.

It is a great honor for us that UEFA has recognized our efforts to include children from marginalized groups, both Roma and non-Roma, and the support we offer them so that through integrated sports, education and social skills building activities they can use their potential and peers participate equally in education and society.

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